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2014 RAM 1500

  • 2014 RAM 1500

    RAM 1500
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    • Customer indicates vehicle is misfiring on cylinder #8. Customer replace spark plugs, & swapped coils, but misfire is still present. Customer indicates PCM was replaced (recommended by another repair facility), but vehicle still misfires. Customer has another new PCM in vehicle if needed. Scan computer for DTC codes- P0308 cylinder #8 misfire detected/ P2322 Ign coil 8 sec. circuit/ P0206 FI 6 open/ U0100 TCM no comm w/ ECM. Install scanner to read live data, and vehicle is misfiring on #8 cylinder. Check for power to #8 ignition coil- no signal to fire #8 ignition coil (when coil does not get power, fuel injector does not get power as well). Inspect electrical connector for #8 coil, and found broken wire @ connector. Recommend replace #8 ignition coil electrical connector (pigtail), and re check operation (recheck for misfires).
    • Clear engine light, check operation and road test. Check engine light is out, and vehicle runs good (does not misfire). *Note* Advise customer vehicle is missing some coil hold down bolts.
    Eric S. gave our service a 5 star review on 1/30/2024


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