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Duramax, Ford, Cummins, VW and more. Today’s diesel engine is becoming one of the most desired powerplants available. Low emissions, high power output and a quieter sound are a driving force for the number of diesels on the road today. An experienced tech is a must have to repair these vehicles correctly, the fist time.


We are well versed in the diagnosis and replacement of fuel injectors, high pressure fuel pumps, glow plugs, head gaskets and more. Does your Duramax engine have excessive smoke from the tailpipe, an idle surge or check engine light? Or maybe just doesn’t seem to pull as hard as it used to. We can properly diagnose these issues correctly, the first time.


The Ford Powerstroke has been a staple in the light duty diesel truck market for decades. From the old workhorses like the 7.3L to the new state of the art 6.7L. Sharpe auto has extensive experience in repairing all related problems. Injection systems to complete motors, we can get you back on the road.


Complete repairs for the 5.9L and 6.7L. From the 12 valve to 24 valve, let us diagnose and repair your Dodge truck correctly, saving you time and money.


From VW TDI, Audi, Mercedes and more. A modern diesel engine requires proper maintenance and repairs to get the maximum benefits they have to offer. Call today to speak with our staff to answer any questions.