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2008 Jeep Wrangler

  • 2008 Jeep Wrangler

    Jeep Wrangler
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    Services Performed
    • Scan computer for DTC codes- P0430 catalytic converter insufficient reduction bank 2. Install scanner to read live data, and road test vehicle- Both (bank 1 and bank 2) catalytic converters have insufficient reduction (oxygen sensors are working properly). Advise customer to replace catalytic converter Y pipe assembly (comes w/ both converters) w/ dealer assembly. Vehicle inspection- Recommend replace front brakes (2mm) w/ new pads, rotors, and brake fluid flush. Recommend re-check rear brakes next service. Rear differential cover is leaking, Recommend rear differential service. Recommend replace front running light bulb (is out). Rear pinion seal is seeping, recommend monitor for leakage.
    • Lift vehicle and inspect for leaks- Found vehicle leaks oil from valve covers, and upper oil pan. Recommend replace valve cover gaskets w/ oil pan gaskets (upper and lower), and pressure wash. Recommend re check for other potential leaks after leak repairs, and pressure wash.
    • Run vehicle, and check for engine noise- Found belt idler pulley is making excessive bearing noise. Recommend replace belt idler, and re check for noise.
    • Remove and replace both valve cover gaskets.
    • Remove upper and lower oil pans. Install upper oil pan w/ factory gasket. Install and re seal lower oil pan.
    • Replaced drain plug (threads bad). Top off fluids. Set tire pressures to spec. Reset maintenance indicator.
    • Lift vehicle, pressure wash undercarriage, and re check for leaks- No leaks detected at this time.
    • Check operation- No engine noise detected at this time.
    • Check operation and road test.
    • Flush brake system . Clears all fluid of master cylinder, abs controller if applicable, hoses, lines and calipers.
    • Service rear differential. Remove cover, drain all fluid, clean and inspect gears. Reseal cover
    • Check operation- good.
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